The story so far… Our shows and appearances.

The history of the company through it’s shows.



Two Edinburgh Festivals and one Brighton.  The De Montford Hall main stage and Reading Autism Pride.  Manchester Metropolitan University and other venues.  Did I have any idea we would travel so far and wide?  I never bothered to dream.  I was too busy working with everyone else.

Alain and I plotted and schemed and hoped that Annette and ourselves could pull a show together.  We had no template except our desire to be authentically autistic.  To drop the masks.  We just had the survey responses.  Then we met Sarah and Hannah, who could make it whereas poor Annette had far too much to do.  So we got together and I think then everything really went on to happen.  I’d say they were the engine room.  I asked Janine to join and thankfully she did.  Then we did The Tea House Theatre and Vinyl Deptford, and off we went.


Best read PAUL’S blog page for the whole story so far.


Thank you.